A State Licensed Daycare.   Becky Donovan, Owner

Thank you for considering Becky’s Daycare.


My goal is to make your child’s experience with me the very best it can be!  My program is designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment to children while promoting learning through fun and educational activities.  I strive to care for children in a safe, caring, and relaxing environment that creates the feeling of home away from home.  Group activities such as music, dance, art and exercise are just a few activities your child will participate in.  I also strive to teach team work, sharing, good manners, personal hygiene and respect for self and others.

I am a past foster parent and have worked in the corporate world for over 30 years.  I have one adult child.  Both my husband, Kevin, who farms, and I were born and raised in beautiful Walla Walla and are happily married.  My husband and I love children so much we decided to become foster parents after we were married and ended up adopting our now adult child.

I also take 10 hours of continuing education each year to stay current on child development.


    •    To provide a fun, loving, safe, positive, nurturing environment.

    •    To have respect for self and others and the things around us.  

    •    To have good manners.

    •    To make your child feel they are home when away from home.

 Because your child’s safety is top priority, no gum or peanuts are allowed at the daycare at any time

Occasionally I may serve granola bars with peanuts  and children will be supervised.


Becky Donovan