A State Licensed Daycare.   Becky Donovan, Owner

Monthly Rates


Billing is based on a monthly rate.  

Overtime rates are charged when a child is present after scheduled hours.  

Occasionally I will need to close early for unavoidable appointments, and regular rates will apply.

Days cannot be swapped because of holidays or changes in your schedule.

One month notice must be provided to current clients for any changes in rate schedule, policies of the daycare, unless those changes are mandated by virtue of state licensing rules or guidelines.

You are financially responsible to provide a one month written notice of your child’s departure from daycare.

If you have any questions, please contact me in person, by phone, or use my contact page on this web site.

Thank you.

Fees, Rates, Payments…                              

Goals and Objectives:

    ï    To provide a fun, loving, safe, positive, nurturing environment.

    ï    To have respect for self and others and the things around us.  

    ï    To have good manners.

    ï    To make your child feel they are home when away from home.

 Because your child’s safety is top priority, no gum or peanuts are allowed at the daycare at any time

Occasionally I may serve granola bars with peanuts  and children will be supervised.