A State Licensed Daycare.   Becky Donovan, Owner

The Small Print, Things You Should Know…


Parents / Guardians Rights:

Parents / Guardians have a right to access to the licensee’s and staff training and professional development records.

Screen Time ,

Screen time is limited to 30 minutes per day. 


Consists of any of the following:  Play dough, puzzles, coloring, reading, dress-up, singing, musical instruments, dancing, and access to all age appropriate toys.

Enrollment – Disenrollment:

    •    Visit my home to confirm we are a good match – please bring your child

    •    Review policy and procedures

    •    Complete all forms and contracts

    •    If your child has special needs, please discuss with me how I may meet those needs 

    •    I do not discriminate against employment or clients

    •    I may terminate my services at will

    •    You are financially responsible to provide me a one month notice of your child’s departure

Items Supplied by Parent/Guardian:

    •    Change of clothing left with me - child should come prepared for outdoor play according to the weather 

    •    Top bedding for each child to be left at the daycare, do they have a favorite blanket?  

    •    Diapers and wipes

    •    I will provide a rest mat with a bottom sheet for each child in my care  

    •    All bedding will be washed by the daycare on a regular basis

    •    Complete current Certificate of Immunization (CIS) form from a health care professional before 1st day of attendance

Parent Access to Children:

    •    My home is always open to parents during daycare hours – please feel free to stop by anytime during daycare hours

Confidentiality Policy – Child’s Records:

    •    Children’s records will be maintained in a confidential manner 

    •    Each enrolled child's health record will be available to staff when needed for medical administration or emergencies.

    •    The child's parent or guardian will be allowed access to all records for their child.

Children’s Records / Immunization:

    •    All children’s files will be kept confidential and locked in a secured area at all times

    •    It is your responsibility to keep me informed of any changes, including immunizations

    •    You have the right to review your child’s records at any time

Religion and Holidays:

-I do not discriminate do to religious beliefs.

-We will acknowledge Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving and other holidays through stories, art and music – I am more than willing to work with you if your religion does not acknowledge these holidays.

-If you celebrate Yom Kipper, Shushan Purim, Seol or “Gujeong” or another holiday please bring this to my attention so we can acknowledge that holiday as well.

-Please feel free to address specific religious preferences with me, I do not discriminate do to religious beliefs.

Absence and Closure of Daycare:

- Please notify me as soon as possible anytime your child will not be here and/or at their scheduled time.  Any absence during your scheduled time will be charged to you at your normal rate.

-Please have back-up in place in case of an emergency where staffing will need to be obtained, such as an injured child, my own injury, medical emergency or sickness.  You will be called for immediate pick-up of your child, and your child may be left with a qualified person if deemed necessary.

-I have 15 paid sick or personal days every year, from January to January; including leave with full pay to be allowed for three days for each period of bereavement or absence due to a death in my family.

-The following are paid holidays:  New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King JR. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas.  If a holiday falls on a Saturday I will take the Friday before as a paid day; if it  falls on a Sunday, I will take the following Monday as the paid day. 


Morning snack, lunch and two afternoon snacks are provided at no additional cost.  I do not serve breakfast.  If your child is on a special diet you will need to supply their food.  Meals will consist of the following food groups:

    •    Lunch:  Meat/alternate, fruit – vegetable – bread/alternate

    •    Snacks:  Any two of the following – Milk, fruit, vegetable, bread/alternate, juice, meat/alternate

    •    All food preparation is done on a clean environment

Napping – Sleeping:

    •    All children must nap or rest for a period of time

    •    Rest mats with bottom bedding will be provided by the daycare; mats will be disinfected using a bleach/water solution

    •    Parent will provide top bedding for each child to be left at the daycare; do they have a favorite blanket? 

    •    All bedding will be washed by the daycare on a regular basis with laundry soap and a bleach/water solution

Infants / Toddlers WAC 170-296A-2375

-Diapers (no cloth allowed) and wipes are provided by the parent.  Diapering is done in a clean environment with hand washing following. 

 -Potty training will only begin when the parents and I feel the child is verbally and physically ready.  I will not start this process unless I see it will be a positive and consistent experience for the child and everyone involved.   During potty training, the child needs to wear “user friendly” clothing.  Please refrain from overalls and tight fitting clothing as much as possible.  I also ask that you provide two sets of extra clothes during this time. 

-All formula and baby food is provided by parents.  Solid foods will be introduced gradually with permission of the parent.

-Any equipment not already provided, is the parents responsibility

-All infants will be laid on their back during their rest, knowing that they may choose to roll over during this time

Hand Washing:

The licensee and staff will follow and teach children hand washing procedures as follows:

-Wetting hands with warm water
-Apply soap to the hands
-Washing hands
-Rinsing hands

-Drying hands with a paper towel
-Turning off the water with paper towel
-Paper towels will be disposed of after a single use
-No cloth towels or air hand dryer will be used

Food Service Practice:

-A method to identify each child’s cup or water bottle will be in place at all times

-Pasteurized milk will be served to children over 24 months of age (whole milk if age of 24 months)

-Children will be closely supervised when eating

-Children will not be forced or shamed to eat or try food, nor will they be punished for refusing to try or eat foods

-Meals will be served in a safe and sanitary manner

-Food brought by a parent for birthdays or holidays must be store bought and must be enough for all children to enjoy

- Because I value your child’s safety, no gum, balloons or peanuts are allowed at any time 

Transportation - Off-Site Field Trips:

We may occasionally take field trips (Park, Fire Station, City Zoo, Library, etc.), we will always walk.  Parents will sign a field trip consent form prior to the trip.  When possible, a one week notice will be provided.  If you do not wish for your child to take part in the field trip, you will need to make alternative arrangements for childcare during this time. 

Communication plan:

-I will have my cell phone on me at all times during daycare hours in order to have contact with the parents.

-Please feel free to call me at 520-3689 during or after normal business hours, I am here for you.

-We will meet twice a year to discuss your child’s progress.

-I am always willing to communicate with you about your child, but please not in front of your child or others.  

-Private discussions are welcomed and can be arranged outside of normal business hours if necessary.  

-In case of an emergency with a child or myself, I will call you for immediate pick up and may leave your child with   a qualified person if deemed necessary.

Water Activities:

Water activities will consist of sprinklers, hoses, spray bottles or water tables.  

Child Abuse or Neglect:

I will report any signs of child abuse or neglect to DSHS children’s administration intake or law enforcement.

Guidance & Discipline Policy:

-We will use consistent, fair and positive guidance and discipline methods appropriate for each child’s development level, abilities and culture. 

-All discipline will be related to the child’s behavior.

-Parents will be informed of any disciplinary actions that occur during daycare hours.

-Parents will be informed of who provided the discipline and why.

-Only staff trained in Early Childhood Development will be allowed to discipline children in care.

-Discipline: Children will first be informed of the correct way to play with toys and others.  Then an apology will be encouraged and given at an age appropriate level.  Privileges may be taken away for a period of time or time-out may be given as a last resort, (1 minute per age) with an explanation to the child so they understand why they are in time-out.  Again an apology will be encouraged.

-No corporal punishment is allowed or permitted at Becky’s Daycare.

-A child may be removed from the daycare if necessary.

Reporting of Notifiable Conditions to Public Health:

If I become aware that myself, a household member, staff person or child in care has been diagnosed with any of the following communicable diseases: Chickenpox, Conjunctivitis (pink eye), diphtheria, E. coli, giardiasis, Hepatitis A, Invasive hemophilia influenza, measles, Meningitis (bacterial), mumps, pertussis, rubella, salmonellosis, shigellosis, or tuberculosisI will within 24 hours notify the local Department of Health and Parents or guardians of each of the children in care.  


I will administer lifesaving medications only, and I will follow all WAC’s pertaining to administering medications

All family medication is locked up and inaccessible to children and parents / guardians at all times.

Injury or Medical Emergency:

In case of an injury either I or a qualified person in charge will use our best judgment assessing the situation.

I am trained in First Aid/CPR and keep my card current.  If I am absent, the qualified person in charge will also be trained and current in First Aid/CPR.

For a minor injury you will be informed of the incident upon arrival to pick up your child.

If necessary, 911 will be called and we will follow their recommendations.  Next the parent will be contacted to be informed of the situation.  The final cost will be the responsibility of the parent.  

Finally, my Child Care Home Licensor will be notified and within 24 hours an injury/incident report form will be submitted to the Child Care Home Licensing Dept. of Early Learning.

Emergency Disaster Plan - Fire Drill - Earthquake:

If there is an emergency disaster or fire in the home during daycare operating hours my first responsibility is to evacuate the children to a safe place outside the daycare.  

Evacuation drills will be practiced on a monthly basis by sounding a smoke/fire detector when indoors and when outdoor I will “blow my whistle”.  These drills will be rehearsed during all types of weather.  

I will give parents a written and verbal notice the night before we have a planned evacuation drill.

In case of an emergency disaster where we must evacuate the premises, we will exit using the nearest emergency exit route.  I will carry any child who can not walk. I will take the children next door to 647 Cardinal Dr. – 

I will call 911 after evacuating the children. I will call parents after calling 911.

I will take the following with me should we have to evacuate the premises due to a disaster:

-Child sign-in log book in order to account for all of the children in attendance

-First Aid Kit

-Child medication records

-Individual children’s medication (if applicable)

-We will return to the premises once the authorities have deemed it safe to do so

If we have a lockdown (or shelter-in-place) situation, I will blow my whistle to alert the children to come to me

The children will be placed in the most apparently safe place

I will lock all doors and windows

The above order depends on the situation at that given time

There will be a three day supply of food and water at the daycare.

I will have my cell phone on me at all times in order to have contact with parents during any of the above situations.

If there is an earthquake we will go under the stairs or stand in a door way at the base of the stairs.         

Cleaning – Sanitizing - Disinfecting: All cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting will be performed as follows:

Cleaning means to remove dirt and debris from a surface by scrubbing and washing with a detergent solution and rinsing with water. This process must be accomplished before sanitizing a surface.

Sanitizing means a surface must be clean and the number of germs reduced to a level that disease transmissions by that surface are unlikely. A sanitizing solution is a less concentrated solution and is used for submerging dish ware that has been cleaned, table tops, classroom counters and doorknobs, and toys that are mouthed by children.Use one tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water. For this less concentrated solution to do its job of killing germs, totally submerge objects in the solution for at least two full minutes. Allow items to air dry.

Disinfecting means to eliminate virtually all germs from inanimate surfaces through the use of chemicals or physical agents.A disinfecting solution is a more concentrated solution and is used for diapering areas, bathrooms, kitchens, hand washing, sinks, floors, and surfaces contaminated by body fluids.Use one-quarter (1/4 cup) of bleach per gallon of water (or one tablespoon per quart). This solution is strong enough to kill germs quickly, but it still needs time to work. You must let the surface air-dry for a minimum of two minutes. Using a towel or sponge to dry the surface increases the chances of putting germs back on the cleaned surface. Bleach evaporates quickly, leaving no toxic residue.

Toys will be cleaned on a regular basis.  They will be sanitized immediately if they come into contact with a child’s mouth or bodily fluids.

HIV/AIDS Training:

I have completed the state required HIV/AIDS training

Any qualified person in charge should I be absent has also completed the state required HIV/AIDS training

Blood borne pathogens, HIV and AIDS Awareness

In the event of a bodily fluid spill (blood, vomit, saliva, nasal or eye discharge or urine) the following steps will be taken by Becky Donovan, owner/operator of Becky’s Daycare:

Isolate the spill, removing all children from the area

Provide first aid if needed

Using personal protective equipment (such as gloves) remove as much of the spill as possible using paper towels and sanitizing solution appropriate to the affected area

Double bag all soiled articles in plastic trash bags and throw away in the outside trash away from the children

Wash hands when done

Health Plan: Your child is too ill to attend daycare in the following situations:

-Feels too ill to actively participate

-If they have vomited or had diarrhea in the past 24 hours- they are contagious!!

-Have a rash, lice or nits

-ANY type of eye infection, discharge or pink eye (must be on an antibiotic at least 24 hours)

-Sour throat or cough combined with fever or swollen glands

-ANY drainage from the nose with a yellow or green tinge – these signs are not due to teething or allergies and do not have to be accompanied by a fever.  This is an infection and the child must be on an antibiotic at least 24 hours prior to returning to daycare

Do not bring your child to daycare in any of these circumstances – It is the law and these symptoms are always highly contagious.  I will call you to pick up your child and will need to remove your child from other children until you arrive.

When cleaning up bodily fluid spills (blood, feces, nasal or eye discharge, saliva, urine or vomit) gloves will be worn and the area will be disinfected of contaminated items, waste materials will be properly disposed of and hands will be properly washed.

Staff Policies:

My husband is my assistant for back up and has completed all courses required per state regulations.

I have no full-time staff.

I will keep staff records current if I should ever have staff.

Pet Policy:

    •    There is one small dog in our home, her name is Coco and she is a chipin -chihuahua / miniature pincher mix 

    •    Coco is kept in an area away from children during daycare hours

    •    Children will never be exposed to animal waste

    •    All animal immunizations are current and on file

No Smoking / Alcohol Policy:

No smoking is allowed on the daycare premises during daycare hours

No alcohol is allowed on the daycare premises during daycare hours


All guns are stored unloaded, with a trigger lock, in a locked gun safe in a locked room inaccessible to children.